This is the original call to which the CASCADE successfully responded. Original available here. The project description which constitutes the basis of our work is available here.

Objectives of the Call
  • To fund cross-disciplinary research projects which develop and apply the tools and techniques of complexity science to energy research challenges.
  • To promote knowledge exchange between the complexity science and energy research communities.
Project Criteria
  • Projects should be cross-disciplinary, from teams including both researchers experienced in the science of complex systems and researchers with a track record in energy research.
  • Projects should be highly adventurous with high potential impact.
Scope of the Call and Exemplar Research Areas

Through this call we aim to fund projects which will both advance the science of complex systems and have a substantial impact in the energy research landscape. Examples of possible research areas are given below, but this is in no way intended to be an exhaustive or exclusive list:

Energy challenge Possible complexity science inputs
Design and control of composite power systems including major and minor sources and sinks (effects of micro-generation, smart meters) Coupled networks, probabilistic modelling, control strategies, market structure for micro-generation, demand and supply forecasting
Power network resilience and minimising/overcoming power disruption events Graph theory, large-scale optimisation and control methods, recovery/containment strategies, redundancy in design
Supply chain and market structure for hydrogen and bio-energy production Interacting networks, agent-based modelling of producer/consumer behaviour
Energy demand reduction – influence of government policy on individuals/groups Theory of social networks – individual versus collective behaviours

These exemplar areas have been drawn from discussions during the ‘Connecting Complexity Science and Energy’ workshop held in February 2008. A full report of this workshop is available on the EPSRC website at:


However, the scope of this call is not limited to topics raised at the workshop.

Engagement with the economic and social sciences is likely to be a prerequisite for progress and impact in this field and is strongly encouraged in the submitted bids.

Assessment Criteria

Proposals will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the objectives of the call
  • Significance and potential impact
  • Degree of novelty, adventure and risk
  • People and development
  • Collaboration
  • Ability of applicant team to deliver the research
  • Planning and management
  • Resources
  • Potential contribution to knowledge transfer
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