The CASCADE project has now concluded. The code framework developed by the project is available here.

Several projects have commenced which use the research and tools developed by the CASCADE project are currently active. These include Agent Based Modelling of the Electricity Network (AMEN - grant details EP/K033492/1) at De Montfort University, Land of the MusCos (grant ref EP/J00555X/1) and Transforming Utilities' Conversion Points (grant ref EP/J005649/1) at Cranfield University.

Final dissemination workshop

Presentations now available Click here to view the presentations given by the CASCADE team at the final CASCADE workshop on 27th March 2013

ECCS Workshop Presentations

View abstracts and presentations here. from the satellite workshop at The European Conference on Complex Systems (ECCS), hosted by CASCADE. The satellite workshop homepage, including the finalised timetable, is available here.


CASCADE (Complex Adaptive Systems, Cognitive Agents and Distributed Energy) project : a Complexity Science-Based Investigation into the Smart Grid Concept.

The CASCADE project is developing an Agent Based Model (ABM) to represent the electricity network (National Grid or Grid), its users and the market structure associated with the trading of electricity. Our particular interests are in the transition from the current infrastructure to an active infrastructure or “Smart Grid”. For more information on the meaning of the term “Smart Grid”, click here

Within this context, our particular interests lie in the necessity for and effect of storage, likely grid evolution in different scenarios (e.g. different social context, different geography, developed / developing world), innovative modelling techniques for the electricity sector (including likely learning behaviours of agents within the model), introduction of significant distributed generation, introduction of Electric or Hybrid vehicles (EV's).

Our research will bring the insights from Complexity Science to the electricity sector, particularly with regard to emergent phenomena within the Complex Adaptive System formed by the network and its agents.

CASCADE is an EPSRC funded project - see EPSRC Grant EP/GO59969/1. It is a collaboration between the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development at De Montfort University, Cranfield University, E.On, Ecotricity, National Energy Foundation, CSIRO, Wolfenbuttel and PassivSystems.

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