Stress testing II : Many agents

By: Richard

This is a short article showing the results of some ongoing stress testing we have been doing with the CASCADE framework to ensure that it can cope with the scale of modelling required by AMEN. The screenshots below show the simulation running with a smart demand system similar to the one described in Boait, Snape and Mahdavi-Ardestani, 2013. There are 45,000 household prosumers connected to three aggregators. All these household-serving aggregators are trying to optimise for a flat (i.e. no peak) demand. IN addition there are some 50+ macro aggregators (representing conventional generation and macro demand) providing the context within which the demand response is occuring. The interesting figures are in the top right of the screenshot, where it can be seen that the simulation has run for some 20 (simulated) years. This is done with a half hour timestep - meaning that the model has executed ~370,000 timesteps. With this number of agents at this resolution, this took roughly 4.5 hours to execute on a fairly fast machine.

45000 households simulating 20 years' operation

Screenshot of whole simulation, agent probe and task manager for simulation with 45000 households that has run for simulated 20 years.

Funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Grant number: EP/K033492/1