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Jill FisherJill Fisher

Research Student

Queens Building 1.05

Tel: +44 (0)116 2551 551 ext 6848
Fax: +44 (0)116 257 7977

Jill joined IESD in October 2009 as a full-time PhD student looking at household carbon management in conjunction with the 4M project.  Jill’s research is investigating the potential of small-group interventions to facilitate a shift to low carbon lifestyles by conducting a case study of the Footpaths programme, a carbon reduction project based in Leicester.  Using the Reasonable Person Model as a theoretical framework the study will assess the importance of settings  which support human information-processing needs to promoting pro-environmental behaviour.  It will also evaluate whether participants in the Footpaths programme reduce their energy use and carbon emissions in both the short and long term.  The findings from this case study will then be explored with focus groups drawn from the wider community to examine whether there are elements of small-group interventions which can be applied to other initiatives  to promote pro-environmental behaviour.

Jill completed a post-graduate certificate in Sustainable Development and Climate Change at IESD in September 2009 and has worked co-ordinating volunteers and developing resources for a Quaker charity promoting sustainable lifestyles.  In her previous life Jill has worked as an archaeologist, a telecommunications researcher, and as an expert in home education law and practice.

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