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All industries are facing increasing legislative pressure to reduce their impacts on the environment and there is increasing concern over rising prices of key raw materials and energy as well as the risks to supply chains caused by climate change. Industry needs managers with new skills to make more efficient use of energy and to manage the transition to more sustainable forms of production and consumption.

It also provides depth in key areas, drawing upon the internationally recognised research and consultancy expertise of the multi-disciplinary IESD research team, plus visiting lecturers from industry.

Graduates will:

  • understand the environmental impact of industrial activity, particularly related to the use of energy and associated greenhouse gas emissions
  • understand how to deal with the problems faced by industries arising from environmental legislation, resource scarcity and the business risks of climate change
  • learn techniques to mitigate the impact of energy used during each stage of the product life-cycle
  • develop the skills to investigate novel solutions to fundamental problems facing energy and resource intensive product life-cycles

Modules studied:


Students also undertake an individual research project. Projects - which are equivalent in scope to four modules - can be based upon existing specialist Institute research areas or a related topic of the student's choice. Students have an individual project tutor. Typical project topics might include:

  • Conceptual design of low carbon factory
  • Energy audit of industrial facility
  • Use of industrial waste heat
  • Life-cycle analyses of product range
  • Study of potential for on-site generation
  • Combined heat and power for industry
  • Remanufacturing and reverse logistics
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Calculation of embodied energy
  • Waste and remediation.

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