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As the effects of global warming are felt, the demand for professionals able to address the challenge increases. The climate change problem transcends traditional academic boundaries and demands realistic and cost-effective solutions. MSc Climate Change and Sustainable Development meets these needs.

Graduates will:

  • Understand tradeoffs and opportunities presented by global warming and sustainable development
  • Understand relevant policy frameworks at a range of geographical scales
  • Be able to produce climate change strategies and renewable energy implementation plans
  • Understand the drivers of and barriers to sustainable behaviour change

Modules studied:

Students also undertake an individual research project. Projects - which are equivalent in scope to four modules - can be based upon existing specialist Institute research areas or a related topic of the student's choice. Students have an individual project tutor. Recent project topics include:

  • Solar water heating as a measure for alleviating fuel poverty
  • Links between corporate social and financial performance
  • Use of renewable energy technology by distaster response teams
  • Public understanding of science relevant to climate change
  • City-wide energy and environmental modelling

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