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IESD Lunchtime Seminar Series (internal)

15 Dec 2010 Farhan Faruk &
Richard Bull
DUALL, a deliberative approach to the Living Lab
17 Nov 2010

Alex Forrester (University of Southampton) (a)
Esmond Tresidder (b)

(a) Surrogate model based design optimization
(b) Building design optimisation using evolutionary algorithms and surrogate modelling
06 Oct 2010 Christophe Rynikiewicz Reflections on the heterogeneity of agents in socio-technological transitions: Insights from ULCOS steel radical innovations and smart grids deployment (& prospects for CASCADE project)
22 Sep 2010 Richard Snape Agent based modelling (ABM)
16 Jun 2010 Kari Alanne (Aalto University) Introduction to and research on micro-cogeneration Aalto University
10 Jun 2010 Kari Alanne (Aalto University) Decision analysis in assessing the eco-efficiency of buildings
05 May 2010 Caroline Wilson Using theory-based evaluation to assess communication approaches
26 Mar 2010 Dr Waleed Yagoub
Challenges and reality of sustainability - an engineer's point of view
10 Mar 2010 Vic Hanby Future weather reference years
24 Feb 2010 Maria Shamash & Jill Fisher Reflections on the Copenhagen Conference
17 Feb 2010 Michael Crilly (UrbanArea) Sustainable Urban Design
11 Feb 2010 Stefan Hess A concentrating solar collector for process heat applications
27 Jan 2010 Rob Liddiard 4M Part 2 - Energy and Space: where do non-domestic buildings use electricity?
20 Jan 2010 Simon Taylor 4M Part 1 - Non-domestic buildings in the 4M project: data sources and energy model
09 Dec 2009 Xudong Zhao Dew Point Cooling Technology and Its Application in Building Air Conditioning
25 Nov 2009 Li Shao Reliability, soft landings and beyond
18 Nov 2009 Jim Parker Passivhaus in the context of the Code for Sustainable Homes
11 Nov 2009 Stacy Wall CO2RE: Our Community-Wide Greenhouse Reduction Strategy
03 Sep 2009 Fiona Charnley Engaging Pupils, Teachers and Governors in the Science, Engineering and technology of ‘Carbon Neutral’ Schools
28 May 2009 Sungho Yoon OpenFoam Seminar 2
07 May 2009 Sungho Yoon Introduction to OpenFoam
29 Apr 2009 Divine Novieto Ageing and thermal comfort modelling
01 Apr 2009 Jessica Laccetti (IoCT) Participatory Cultures: the environment and web 2.0
18 Mar 2009 Paul Cropper, Simon Rees & Graeme Stuart IT Facilities, High Performance Computing, and Database
04 Mar 2009 Sungho Yoon The Role of Numerical Simulations in Industrial Design
25 Feb 2009 EK Baek (A+D) The Role of Narrative in Design
18 Feb 2009 Andrew Wallace Carbon emissions by households – footprinting and personal allowances
11 Feb 2009 Divine Novieto Collaboration on Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy with Ghana
10 Dec 2008 Stephen Porritt Measures to Reduce Summertime Overheating in UK Dwellings - Initial Investigations Using IES
03 Dec 2008 Caroline Wilson How does communication help change behaviour?
19 Nov 2008 Stefan Hess Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE - Introduction and Overview
05 Nov 2008 Tong Yang Modelling Human-Environment Thermal Interactions in Naturally Ventilated Buildings
23 Jul 2008 Paul Cropper Exchange of Simulation Data between CFD Programs and a Multi-Segmented Human Thermal Comfort Model
02 Jul 2008 Andrew Reeves Achieving deep carbon emission reductions from existing Peabody Trust homes
18 Jun 2008 Mark Lemon Understanding socio-technical systems and the environment: the need for integrative method
04 Jun 2008 Simon Taylor Low energy hotels in 2030
04 Mar 2008 Kevin Lomas An EPSRC Panel - Some Personal Observations From First Hand Experience

* Please note the contents of the lunchtime seminars are intended for internal/personal use only. Should you be interested in any of the topics, please contact the speakers.


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